Thank you for your interest in inviting me to speak at your event.  I have had the honor of speaking at various events over the years including:  Days of Recollection, Retreats for Women, Retreats for Married Couples, Evenings of Reflection, Women’s Groups, and more.

Here are some topics that I have presented on:

  • Mercy in Marriage
  • Discovering the Extraordinary in the Everyday Ordinary
  • Making Sense Out of Suffering – Discovering Beauty in the Ashes
  • Life in the Mission Field of Motherhood
  • Authentic Life as a Catholic Wife
  • Discovering Passion and Purpose in Every Season of Your Life
  • Marriage Ministry 101- How to Start and Sustain a Vibrant Parish Based Marriage Ministry
  • Catholic Customs and Traditions – Living the Catholic Faith Throughout the Liturgical Year
  • Develop a Deep Prayer Life Amidst the Chaos of Everyday Life
  •  Total Health – Body and Soul -Wholeness to Holiness
  • 8 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Soul
  • The Family as the Domestic Church -Living and Loving as You Grow in Holiness


Am I the right person for your event?

 I am flexible and willing to work with you to meet your specific needs. I have a passion for sharing my faith and inspiring others ! My husband, Troy Billings, is also available to join me in speaking on topics pertaining to marriage.  



Kathleen Billings is able to speak to the issues that married couples face in a faith-filled manner.   She draws from our Catholic tradition in order to provide a message that is uplifting, hopeful, and rooted in the Lord and the teachings of the Church.”

– Rev. Monsignor Stephen J. Knox

 “I have had the privilege of knowing and ministering with Kathleen for a number of years as she, and at times with her husband Troy, has shared thought-filled insights and her love for the Lord.  Kathleen lives what she speaks and so beautifully invites others to join her in this journey of faith.  She is both practical and inspiring.  It is with great confidence in her message and the enthusiasm in which she shares it, that I have no hesitation recommending her for your event.”
-Lorrie Gramer, President- Marriage Building USA, Past President of the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers

“By placing Christ at the center of her life, Kathleen inspires us to become better woman, wives, and mothers. Through her personal story, she encourages us to deepen our relationship with Christ, while illustrating a peace and strength that can only come from Our Lord.”

– Tracie Otero
It is rare to find someone who truly practices what she preaches, but that is Kathleen.  When Christ’s light shines in someone, you are attracted to that light.  Through life’s ups and downs, Kathleen maintains the light of Christ’s love shining in her soul.  It is obvious that she longs to do God’s will and is sincere and generous in sharing her experiences, knowledge, and expertise to help others in their faith journey.  In listening to her talk, I was reminded to tend to my own soul as to allow Christ’s light to better shine through me. ” 
-Lisa Anticevich



“Whoever wants to preach must be the first to let the word of God move him deeply and become incarnate in his daily life. … This has great pastoral importance. Today, too, people prefer to listen to witnesses: They ‘thirst for authenticity’ and ‘call for evangelizers to speak of a God whom they themselves know and are familiar with, as if they were seeing him.’”                 

                                            -Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium


Contact me at: seasonsoftheheartandhome@gmail.com



I look forward to hearing from you!